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Roan Mountain, NC

Growing up Roan Mountain was a place my father and I would visit often. Through each season the mountain always had something new to offer and remained beautiful. Haley and I couldn't think of a better place to spend our day off.

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Hawksbill, Linville Gorge, NC

Sam and I decided to head up to the gorge and hike Hawksbill by headlamp. The trail to the top is short yet covered in roots and requires some scrambling up rocks towards the end of the climb. At the trail's end, the trees open up, and immediately we could feel the whipping wind. Climbing around on the open rock face, we could see the clouds billowing out of the gorge. Soon we found a spot to nestle our tent in amongst some trees and out of the wind. Dozing off, we had hopes of a clear morning...

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Studio Session w/ Arrow + Sage

Anna Eaves is the owner, designer, and ceramicist of Arrow+Sage studio. She creates gorgeous pieces completely by potter’s wheel! This allows every piece to have its own character and life, no one exactly like the other. Anna is honestly that girl that everyone just wants to know.

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Yellow Mtn. Fire Tower, Nantahala National Forest

Yellow Mountain fire tower offers amazing views in all directions and is worth the roller coaster of a hike to get there. Starting from Cole Gap on Buck Creek Road near Highlands, NC, follow the Yellow Mountain trail for about 5.5 miles. Just feet from the road, the trail closes in with a thick canopy of tress and doesn't really offer any views until the fire tower. The Yellow Mountain trail will lead you up and down over a couple different mountains...

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Mt. Craig, Pisgah National Forest

Located in Pisgah National Forest Mt. Craig is the second highest peak east of the Mississippi River next to neighboring Mt. Mitchell. Follow the Deep Gap Trail for a short hike to toward Mt. Craig which offers subtleties along the trail but also views for miles at the summit. Though this hike is short it has much to offer. The trail head can be found in the picnic ground where tables are scattered amongst the evergreen trees.

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