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Mt. Craig, Pisgah National Forest

North Carolina native, Steven Naylor is constantly on an adventure. His photography takes you on a journey and really tells the story of where he’s been. These Field Guides will lead you to some amazing places and hopefully inspire you to get out and get exploring.

Clyde Oak Field Guide:
Steven Naylor / @scubagram

Located in Pisgah National Forest Mt. Craig is the second highest peak east of the Mississippi River next to neighboring Mt. Mitchell. Follow the Deep Gap Trail for a short hike to toward Mt. Craig which offers subtleties along the trail but also views for miles at the summit. Though this hike is short it has much to offer. The trail head can be found in the picnic ground where tables are scattered amongst the evergreen trees. Hiking above 5000' on the east coast offers a unique and different feeling from most trails in the lower elevations; mainly fir trees. Starting out as a smooth path lined with Balsam and Spruce Fir Trees you'll be greeted with a fresh pleasant aroma. Ferns also are abundant on this hike and at points you'll find thickets so dense you can't see the forest floor. Soon the trail begins to descend and climb several times before the final short climb where the trees open. Once atop Mt. Craig you'll have views of the valley below and of Mt. Mitchell that will put everything in perspective. This land is beautiful and there is much to see.

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