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Studio Session w/ Arrow + Sage

Anna Eaves is the owner, designer, and ceramicist of Arrow+Sage studio. She creates gorgeous pieces completely by hand...no potter’s wheel! This allows every piece to have its own character and life, no one exactly like the other. Anna is honestly that girl that everyone just wants to know. She is so sweet and enormously talented. The way she carries herself and the way she talks about her inspirations and creative process is so inspiring. She truly loves what she does and the community she is able to be apart of. This wasn’t always the case though; Anna took a huge leap of faith to be able to do what she loves full time. She has earned the support and love of so many people, both artists and enthusiasts alike. People are so drawn to both the organic nature of her work and what she stands for in the process.

What was the driving force that allowed you to leave the 9-5 lifestyle behind and begin a life of creating for yourself and others?

The support and encouragement of my husband. I used to create all the time. Growing up and in my early adult years, creating was a natural part of life for me. Somehow along the way I got bogged down in a 9-5 job that I didn’t love and it just sucked the life out of me. Jason (my husband) would always ask me why I wasn’t painting or making things. He wanted me to! I just couldn’t. My mind didn’t have space to breathe. My weeks were full of reports and paperwork, and my weekends were full of other day-to-day life stuff. I started gardening as a creative outlet. I lived for it. Then late in 2013, Jason saw how unhappy I was and encouraged me to take a break from my desk job. I was afraid, but he was so supportive and I just straight up quit. Within a few months I automatically started creating again. It was like my mind woke up. Through 2014 and this year, ceramics became the main focus.

What or who inspires your work the most? 

My mom, also a potter (Winterpast Studio!), definitely got me hooked on clay! She’s a multi-faceted creative gem and has a studio space that she shared with me in 2014 while I was getting my feet wet with ceramics. I’m also so inspired by all the makers, shop owners, designers, and creatives I’ve met over the past two years. It’s like this sea of vibrant people just doing it, and it’s crazy inspiring!

Raleigh has been named one of the most up and coming areas in the country, how has this city aided in your creative journey? What is your favorite thing about this city? 

Like I was saying before, all of these creative people with ideas and dreams and able hands. It’s so inspiring to be a part of. Favorite thing about Raleigh: the vibe of the city in general. There are so many things waking up and taking life, and there’s always something happening. But also the food!! Some of my favorite places to eat are Bida Manda, Poole’s, and Trophy Brewing!

In a world where businesses are constantly in competition with each other, always trying to “one up” the other, it seems your little world and community of artists is so welcoming. I have seen how much respect you have earned from other makers, and how much respect you give in return. How has this sense of community affected your work and the people you work with?

It’s so encouraging! My experience has been great. I think mutual respect between artists regarding their work is so important. As long as you're doing your thing, focusing on what you’re doing and not what someone else is doing, you can freely give support and high fives when someone else succeeds. The second you start comparing yourself to others, a life-sucking downward spiral begins.

We know this time of year is crazy for you! It’s hard to wrap your head around what comes after the Holiday season, but what are you most excited about for 2016? 

I’m going to focus more on selling direct to my customers! I sort of dove head first into wholesale in 2015 and it was tough. I made so many great relationships and met so many wonderful people. I’ll always treasure those relationships. As an artist, I need to give myself time to create new things or my art becomes lifeless. Mass producing items on repeat burns me out. I’ve done a few exclusives (Clyde Oak is one of them!) and projects like that are so fun and allow me to feed my creativity. So, more exclusives with other brands, and selling direct! I’m excited for those things!  

Clyde Oak fully embraces our motto “The World Can Wait”...to us, this is a reminder to slow down and decide what is most important in your life and go for it!

It didn’t take long for us to realize that Anna encompasses everything that we stand for. We are so honored to have her as a part of the Clyde Oak collection and family!

Photo Credit ChasingSkiesPhotography.com

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