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Hawksbill, Linville Gorge, NC

North Carolina native, Steven Naylor is constantly on an adventure. His photography takes you on a journey and really tells the story of where he’s been. These Field Guides will lead you to some amazing places and hopefully inspire you to get out and get exploring.

Clyde Oak Field Guide:
Steven Naylor / @scubagram

Sam and I decided to head up to the gorge and hike Hawksbill by headlamp. The trail to the top is short yet covered in roots and requires some scrambling up rocks towards the end of the climb. At the trail's end, the trees open up, and immediately we could feel the whipping wind. Climbing around on the open rock face, we could see the clouds billowing out of the gorge. Soon we found a spot to nestle our tent in amongst some trees and out of the wind. Dozing off, we had hopes of a clear morning.

We woke to the sound of rain droplets dripping on the tent. Unzipping the tent door we realized we were completely fogged in and decided to eat breakfast in the tent and maybe wait to see if the fog would lift.

After breakfast, we popped our heads out of the tent for another look. The wait paid off and rewarded us with an amazing scene. The majority of the fog had lifted, leaving a few low hanging clouds down in the gorge. We scurried around on the slippery rocks to different vantage points only to be continually in awe of our surroundings. Sam and I had the mountain to ourselves this morning; it was quiet and still. We watched the clouds roll over the ridges and filter through the remnants of fall. It is mornings like this that put everything in perspective.


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