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Roan Mountain, NC

North Carolina native, Steven Naylor is constantly on an adventure. His photography takes you on a journey and really tells the story of where he’s been. These Field Guides will lead you to some amazing places and hopefully inspire you to get out and get exploring.

Clyde Oak Field Guide:
Steven Naylor / @scubagram

Growing up Roan Mountain was a place my father and I would visit often. Through each season the mountain always had something new to offer and remained beautiful. Haley and I couldn't think of a better place to spend our day off.

From Bakersville, Nc head north on Hwy 261 towards the Tennessee boarder. This drive takes you through a stretch of rural western North Carolina with scenes of abandoned homes and beautiful valleys. The road steadily climbs to Carvers Gap which is right on the boarder of NC and TN. Haley and I arrived at Carvers Gap and were greeted by rhododendron in full bloom. We made a left at carvers gap and found a forest road to wander down. We happened to be the only people in this particular area and it was silent, all we could here was the crunching of the gravel beneath our feet and a bird squawking above. We went back down to Carvers Gap and hopped on the Appalachian trail heading north towards Round Bald. The trail led us right through thickets of rhododendron and stands of fir trees. Just a short ways and the mountain top opens with views in all directions. Haley and I wandered through the tall grass and took in the scenery. The hills turned golden as the sunset on our way down the mountain. With a little light left we wandered down a gravel road as the clouds lowered. Night settled in and we drove down the mountain. We left feeling rejuvenated, Roan Mountain will always be a special place.


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