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(ALMOST) Everything on Sale!
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Clyde Oak has always been about this land...about joining forces with our friends and family to bring it all back home. Whether your love is in the garden, the home, your front porch, or the big city we believe everyone can take a little pride in the hard work we see come from these craftsmen, makers, and farmers right in our own backyard. We want to share with you what they do, how they live and bring a little bit of their hard work home to you! We will be sharing these stories in our journal section, adding as many new faces as we can! But first, a little about who we are.

Hillman Ball/Owner is a designer, entrepreneur, husband, father, explorer, and self-proclaimed problem-solver. Hillman grew up in the Raleigh area and has recently moved back with his wife, Rebekah, and their baby girl. Now that he is back in his hometown, Hillman has used his love for all things design to bring you the new Clyde Oak. Being able to work on the branding, product design and development, while collaborating with the very people that inspire him to do what he loves has been a dream...and now he has made it a reality!

Rebekah Ball/Wife has worked in fashion most of her life. After graduating from college, she decided to go to work as a manager of a high end mens and womens clothing boutique in Seaside, FL. This had nothing to do with her major...but she loved the people, the interactions and the fashion. Flash-forward 4 years and she has decided to join her husband on this crazy journey of self discovery through Clyde Oak. She is here to help behind the scenes, and sometimes in front of the camera. She cannot wait to help bring the new Clyde Oak to fruition with the hardest working man she knows.

Thank you for joining us in this journey! Settle in for new product coming at you as often as we can!