Botanical Facial Steam

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Healthy Body. Reposed Mind. A vibrant floral blend that alleviates every day wear and irritation from the skin. These botanicals offer sleep and stress-relieving benefits, as well as immunity boosting properties.

Approx 1oz
Good for 4-5 Uses

How to use: 

  1. add 2 tablespoons of botanical blend to a large bowl
  2. slowly pour 2-3 cups of boiling water over the mixture
  3. allow floral & cleansing herbs to steep for few minutes
  4. comfortably position your face close to the hot bowl
  5. Place a towel over your head and bowl to capture steam
  6. relax, breathe deeply, and enjoy for 10-15 minutes

PRO TIP! Once done strain liquid from botanicals to use as an all natural facial toner.

Ingredients + Benefits:

Cornflower: eye decongestant, complexion booster, soothes irritated skin, cools sunburn
Linden Leaf: anxiety relief, antioxidant, helps detox, immune system booster, inflammation, indigestion
Chrysanthemum: Stress relief, aids heart health, antioxidant, boosts immune system, helps vision, inflammation
Lavender: Anxiety and stress relief, inflammation, antiseptic, irritation, sleep aid
Calendula: Acne, skin rash or irritation, sore throat or mouth, antiseptic
Yarrow Flower: Fever and colds, skin rash or irritation, sleep aid, eczema 
Chamomile: Sleep aid, inflammation, stress relief
*Not recommended if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have heart problems.