Walnut Cutting Board - Clyde Oak Brand - 1
Walnut Cutting Board - Clyde Oak Brand - 2
Walnut Cutting Board - Clyde Oak Brand - 3

Walnut Cutting Board

$ 60.00

We worked with Carolina Grain Co. to bring you these stunning boards. Made from a solid piece of American black walnut and finished in a mix of oil and beeswax, these boards will look amazing on your counter top. As long as you following the care instructions, you’ll be sure to have this board around for a long time.

Care + Use

-Wash and dry immediately after use to keep from staining and warping.

-Do NOT put in the dishwasher

-Do not leave your board in standing water

-Lay up right to finish drying

-Use a food-safe mineral oil to polish your board once a month. This will help maintain an attractive finish, prevent cracking, and seal the grain against bacteria and the penetration of moisture.


9in. x 14in.x 1in

Made in North Carolina, USA